‘Try Diving’ to Discover What Scuba’s all About

Snorkelling, snorkelling gear, snorkel mask, snorkelling equipment. If you are familiar with these words, then you would have heard of scuba diving too. And if you’ve been wondering how good you would look in a wetsuit (we’ll take the pictures, you decide!) or been thinking aloud “what is scuba diving?”, then you’ve reached the right place. Start with our Try Diving program and begin your journey of experiencing some of the best scuba diving in India.

Try Diving is an introduction to the extreme sport of scuba diving, where you take your first few breaths diving underwater with SCUBA (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) and get to view the magic of the underwater world.

The program starts off with a briefing about basic dive theory and skills, followed by an orientation session in shallow water (~2 metres deep) to help you get accustomed to breathing and moving underwater. After this, you will be taken on a closely supervised dive, of up to 12 metres, where you experience zero gravity and a wealth of marine life.

It won’t be long before you are coloured with dreams of underwater diving, sea diving, cave diving and shark diving!

Premium Try Dive

1/2 day


Rs 6800*

Try Dive Lite

1 Hour


Rs 4500*

*Prices are exclusive of 18% GST