Guided Dives

If you are looking for crowded and generic dive sites, then maybe this is not the right place. But if you are in search of unspoilt diving, where you are among the only few divers in the water, read on.

All the dive sites around Neil Island have been discovered and explored by us, hence the nonsensical names. There is a story behind each one and how they were found! Remember to ask us about them when we meet!

Apart from being the most experienced dive crew here (more dives on Neil than everyone else on this 3rd rock from the sun combined), we also offer a highly personalized service, while keeping your safety and diving experience as our top priorities. We select our dive sites in accordance with our guests’ experience and comfort level, to ensure good and memorable dives.

The waters around Neil are still virtually unexplored – we find new dive sites all the time. The marine life has to be seen to be believed and will give any fish identification book a run for its money. We have guided dives for all levels of experience, from ‘bubble makers’ to ‘bubble shakers’.


2 Dives Rs.5,600*
4 Dives Rs 11,000*
6 Dives Rs 15,500*
8 Dives Rs 20,000*
10 Dives Rs 24,500*
12 Dives Rs 29,000*
Refresher Rs 2,000*
Dawn - Dives Rs 4,000*

10% Discount if you have all your own equipment. All prices are inclusive of equipment rental.

*Prices are exclusive of 18% GST