Scuba Diving Certification Courses

We offer the PADI System of diver education, the most widely recognised system of diver education in the world. Courses are conducted by our experienced dive instructors, all of whom are passionate about what they do and look forward to sharing the same passion with you as you become certified divers. Our dive team is here to ensure that your dive education is safe, fun and memorable.

In the last decade we have dived with newly certified divers as well as “advanced divers” who completed their courses in the wilderness (i.e. not with us). Watching them do safety stops, maintain buoyancy, etc. has been shocking and scary, as to the quality of training being offered today. This is why we place an emphasis on the fundamentals of diving and impart quality training so that you’re the best diver that you can be.

At our diving school, a diving license is something that is earned and that you are proud of. We go beyond merely giving you a PADI certification. We teach you to dive and make you understand your underwater environment in a way that would make even Poseidon proud.


This is an entry level certification and the foundation of the sport (your dive life). Scuba skills, basic buoyancy control and safety are the key elements of this course.


Theory and classroom sessions concluding with 4 quizzes and 1 final exam.

Confined water sessions in shallow water where scuba skills are practiced.

Theory and scuba skills applied practically over 4 open water dives

Prerequisite– Must be able to swim 200 metres and float for 10 minutes

Max Depth– 18 metres

No. of Dives– 1

Swimming Skills– Required

Min Age– 10 years

Output– On completion of the course certified divers will be able to plan and dive with a buddy, without professional supervision, up to 18 metres, anywhere in the world.


4 Days

Course Fees

Rs 28,000*


Introduces dive activities such as photography and drift diving, as well as fine tuning buoyancy and deep dives.


Quick revision of dive knowledge learned in the Open Water Course.

Five dives (Deep and Navigation being core dives).

Prerequisite– Must be an Open Water Diver

Max Depth– 30 metres

No. of Dives– 5

Swimming Skills– Required

Min Age– 10 years

Output– On completion, Advanced Divers are certified to dive up to 30 metres


2-3 Days

Course Fees

Rs 24,000*


In this course, the concept of diver safety is expanded to include divers other than yourself. You will be taught to manage and respond correctly to emergency situations, and make rational decisions under pressure.


Theory and classroom sessions including 1 final exam.

Practice of 10 rescue skills in shallow water.

Participate in 2 rescue scenarios where rescue skills are evaluated.

Prerequisite– Must be a certified Advanced Diver

Max Depth– 30 metres

No. of Dives– 2

Swimming Skills– Required

Min Age– 12 years

Output– Can enroll for the Dive Master Course upon completion


3 Days

Course Fees

Rs 29,000*


The first professional rating as a PADI professional, after which employment is possible.


Watch dive master video.

Knowledge development consisting of 9 topics and concluding with a final exam.

Assessment of water skills and stamina.

Practical application of skills: dive setup and management, dive map, deep dive scenario, search and recovery, dive briefing.

Divemaster conducted programs (what you will be allowed to teach once certified): scuba review, discover scuba diving, snorkelling and skin diving, discover local diving.

Practical assessment (You will assist an instructor teaching the following programs: Open Water Course, one course beyond Open Water Course level and guiding certified divers in open water environment).

Prerequisite– Must be a certified Advanced Diver

Max Depth– 40 metres

No. of Dives– 10

Swimming Skills– In water assessment of stamina and skills

Min Age– 18 years

Output– May take up employment as a PADI professional

60000 plus 18 percent gst


50 hours

Course Fees

Rs 60,000*

* 18% GST is applicable on the course fees mentioned.
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