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Discovering adventure is what we’re all about! We live it and we breathe it. And that’s why we began this manic adventure way back in 2007 when we established Neil Island’s 1st PADI dive centre, when there were only two other dive shops in the entire Andaman Archipelago. This makes India Scuba Explorers among the pioneers of PADI diving in the Andamans, and this makes us proud. Overs the years, divers of all levels – from beginner to advanced – have gone exploring with us and discovered adventure at many of our rich dive sites.

We welcome you to dive with us, and have fun exploring an amazing world underwater. If you don’t know how to dive, or have never dived before, worry not! We’ll make sure you go back a diver and guarantee an experience that will last a lifetime.

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  • "Discovered a gem on Neil Island"

    My brother and I went to Neil Island and found a gem of a dive shop. It's a convenient 10 minute walk from the ferry landing, (or a 2 minute tuk-tuk ride.) India Scuba Explorers, established by Johan, is a professional and personable shop.
    There's such a family atmosphere. And they gladly accommodated our needs.Johan himself found many of the dive sites, and we got to see 8.Lots of fish and fun, started my deep adventure certification, dove 4 days in a row, and all at a very reasonable price.

    Allison Adele B
  • "It doesn't get much better then this, in terms of small dive shop."

    I could go on about the superb equipment and the private dive sites. But i rater just say that what really made this place exquisite was the beauty and niceness of the amazing Sam and Johann. The small talks and cozyness on the porch was as good as the dives.
    But i would also like to say that more well taken care of equipment i have never seen on any of the shops i have been to.. ever.

  • "very professional, and not touristy"

    They are very professional, and not like other touristy activities we found in other islands. They spend almost half day for me, my husband and 9 yr old daughter. The diver took extra care to make my daughter at ease, by cracking jokes. However, she hardly went a meter, before returning scared :) But I do recommend them for all ocean lovers.
    The dive itself is very soothing and calming to be inside the water. The photo they took is still my Facebook cover :)


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